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Haha, Platinum faggot tried to proxy cannon rush me on Xel Naga Caverns. Stupid fucker tried to immediately hide his probe in my base (unsuccessful of course) and warped in cannons on the low ground right up against my base anyway, despite my depot/barracks wall. Went to 3 rax, made a few bunkers and dumb asshole couldn't break me despite sending wave after wave of stalker/dt. Then I just dropped 2 vacs full of marines in his main and he didn't even gg. After the match I tried to chat with him:

"Shittyladderfag has connected
Me: cheesasaurus rex is a failasaurus rex
Shittyladderfag has disconnected"

I didn't even get points for him being favoured in the match. He was evenly matched with me, despite me being in Gold and him in Platinum. I guess you can cheese your way up the ladder, but the game knows you don't belong there.

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