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Originally Posted by Tech007 View Post
I agree!

I too did not take any extra steps to contact Joel when streaming died in 1.2. I presumed he was busy/incommunicado. And the forums was 'the' place to leave feedback.

Joel, thanks again for the app. I use it daily to stream live. And unfortunately for Keith, the feedback even works.

It was disheartening to see the app release get unstable just as Keith did some mentions of it on the show. Your subsequent delay in fixing was made just a bit more painful due to all the new attention.

I look forward to the app getting some more loving and getting all tricked out like the iPhone version.

Once again I say thanks for all the time you've spent making this available for FREE. Donate or spread the word!! Install on yer friends phones!
Thanks Tech! Sorry about the fumble! I am planning on making some updates, like clickable links in the twitter feed, soon. If you go to my github page you can create issues for things you want to see in the app. I know I've added some that you had requested to that list, like a widget.
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