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Originally Posted by littlp View Post
I want to know how the hell they determined New York to be the least free state. Indiana not only voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood, they are close to implementing a similar immigration law as Arizona AND although it already is illegal to have any kind of civil union or gay marriage, they approved an amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Plus we can't buy alcohol on Sundays.

Your point made me wonder how reproductive freedom figured into their ranking of freedoms. In short? It doesn't. Indiana is also the state that had a renegade attorney general who was digging through women's personal medical records trying to find who's had abortions, but it ranks #3 on their list of "most free" state.

I know I'm going to get attacked for this, but this is my problem with most self-professed libertarians. They are entitled straight white dudes who tend to focus only on issues that have to do expressly with them, and are perfectly willing to ignore any restrictions on women, gays, and minorities. That's just a personal observation.

This study is straight up bullshit.

Measuring Freedom & Government Intervention | Mercatus

Our definition of freedom presents specific challenges on some high-profile issues. Abortion is a critical example. By one account, the fetus is a rights-bearing person, and abortion is therefore an aggressive violation of individual rights that ought to be punished by government. By another account, the fetus does not have rights, and abortion is a permissible exercise of an individual liberty, in which case government regulation of abortion would be an unjust violation of a woman’s rights. Rather than take a stand on one side or the other (or anywhere in between), we have coded the data on state abortion restrictions but have not included the policy in our overall index.
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