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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Joel, just in case SANDwich somehow watered down what I said, allow me to say this: Fuck you. Very sincerely.

Now, congratulations on your move. Put your 1 in your wife's 0, and leave me the fuck out of it.

I said you're the lawyer of a child rapist? You're not just sensitive; you're flat-out crazy.

First I need to apologize to you in writing, then on the show... My gravy. You are insane.

EDITED TO ADD: Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.
Oh, let me clarify what I was saying. I mean when this first started, and Keith was saying some shit about it, Joel got more bent out of shape than I think he needed to. At first, I don't think Keith was actually really angry about it. But then it escalated, and yes, Keith is serious now.
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