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After seeing both sides of the story (Keith's views in the latest episodes and Joel's long response last night), there is no right or wrong. Both sides have their stance and are going to stick to it. The end result is going to be parting ways and that's too bad to see. As an android user, I would have liked to see a finished product.

Lots of implying has been going on, and that's the misunderstanding that's happening. For example, if Joel is indeed correct in his e-mails, he never actually called out Keith for being a piece of shit, and Keith never painted Joel as a "Child Rapist's Lawyer". Another misunderstanding is Keith simply said to take the app off, and the response Joel gave rubbed Keith the wrong way, creating all the crap that's happened now.

Keith and the Girl focuses on the integrity of their show, and their belief that this unfunctional app is a threat to that integrity even in beta form. Mistakes do happen with technology every day. A couple times KATG had simple problems in recording their shows. It's totally plausable to have an issue with an app such as not getting live feed, it's just an unfortunate situation that Joel didn't have a fast enough response to it.

If Joel never actually called Keith names, then I do believe an apology is in order. It's Keith and the Girl's decision, it won't affect my listening habits whether they do or not. Either way, it's better that they both move on from this. The only thing I worry about is if any other programmer would even try to work on this app. If one thing is wrong on it, this could end up being the result.

I believe the only way to make this successful is to make the program hidden until all the basics are covered, and then once KATG like what they see, release it in the marketplace and then make improvements to it. I wish Joel the best in the future, I will continue to support KATG, and I hope another programmer creates a KATG android app in the future.
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