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Been a bit behind on shows, so I'm late to the party.

I'd like to start this by saying that more than anyone I can speak to the right way to do this kind of thing:

I created the KATG iPhone app for zero money. I got a couple small donations, but developing an app of this scope and level of sophistication would have cost Keith and Chemda (and this is not even a tiny bit exaggerated) well into the six figures.

It's open source and anyone could help out, but asides from a handful of small contributions, none of which are even part of the codebase anymore, I do the app development on my own.

Rellek contributes design time and Michael helps out with the server.

None of us get paid anything.

But, and this is the really, really important part, I take it as seriously as anything that I do in my professional life. I get paid a lot of money to lead a team at what is one of the premier mobile development shops in the world and I put the work I do for Keith and Chemda in the same priority list.

I ask Keith and Chemda for permission before I do anything. I ask for notes and I take the feedback that they give me very seriously. When there are bugs, I fix them as quickly as I am able and don't make excuses. I work a ton, but every day that there is a buggy version in the app store is a failing on my part and no one elses.

Do what you do well, or don't do it.

No one needs your charity Joel.
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