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How many virgins are awesome in bed? I can probably guarantee the first few times I had sex I sucked at it just like everyone else. Or lets assume I still suck, I’m still doing a lot better than I did and now I have a partner that can work with me sexually. Just assuming that because I got a woman into bed, that she jumped out the window wanting nothing to do with me, is being just as reductive as you are blaming the PUA community of being. Just opening up and being yourself, quite honestly doesn’t really work all that well. They even address that in the community; “If being yourself doesn’t work, become a better version of yourself.” Its all about self improvement. They just give guidelines to follow to become better at personal interaction and after a while it does become very natural.

How does someone with low self-esteem and no self-confidence build some? “Just go out and talk to women.” Is shitty advice for someone who doesn’t know how to talk to women. Why doesn’t Nikki Glaser just stop being afraid of centipedes, seems to me that would solve her problem. PUA’s stress “just going out and talking” they are just a little more in depth.

I understand no one wants to be reduced to a set of ones and zeros, but it freaking works. On men and women. There is a book called Magic Bullets just skim through that, I can bet a lot of the things past, present and future partners have done while getting to know you are not only in the book but also broken down why you found it so charming.

Finally the idea that women are objectified and mystified, is a total misnomer. That impression can only be garnered from taking a passing glance and going off satire of the community rather than the actual community. Don't get me wrong, they aren't a bunch of altruistic saints. But they are a fount of useful information.

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