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Originally Posted by invader View Post
Your being really reductive. I'm not sure where exactly you've gotten your info from but it's obvious it's only cursory.

I get it from these dudes own mouths. Have you read Roissy's blog? He's fucking PSYCHOTIC. And he's not the only PUA troll mouthing off on the internet. I read a blog that tracks and mocks these assholes, called Man Boobz. And don't forget that Keith and Chemda covered this group over the course of several shows.

So here's some recent tips on women, from PUA's.

1) Keep track of the menstrual cycles of your targets. They're more likely to fuck you when they're ovulating. (Source: Menstruation tracker Krauser's PUA Adventure)

2) Visit all the churches in your town for prime pussy. All the guys there are betas so anyone with game will clean house. Once you've banged everyone at one church, move on to the next one. (Source: Let us prey man boobz)

3) Career women are basically committing adultery against their men, with their jobs. Leave them to the betas. (Source: Is Female Careerism A Form Of Infidelity? Citizen Renegade)

And then of course you have your MRAs (Men's Rights Activists) and your MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) who are obsessed with alphas and betas and how all the alphas are fucking all the women, leaving none for them. Or women tricked them into having children so they can get that fat child support check. Like that guy who bought that billboard they talked about on the show a few weeks ago. The hatred that oozes from these sites is palpable. These people are angry and sad and have decided that women are to blame for that.

Just look up George Sodini and Thomas Ball. These guys are heroes to these freaks.
"'Wah! I'm not good enough, so I blame YOU!' - by the way, that's a baby accent." - Chemda

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