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Originally Posted by bluecrucial View Post
I picked up Bastion day 1 on xbox live on Giantbomb's glowing suggestion. I am in-fucking-love with this game.

It's fun as all hell, the graphics and music are gorgeous and the narrator thing is pretty unique. It's similar to other isometric RPG's (Diablo for instance) but everything you do is narrated by someone who sounds very much like Ron Pearlman.

If you at all like 3/4 overhead dungeon crawlers I highly suggest you check it out. It's $15:

Gameplay at :40 in.
Just wondering, have you heard anything about how long the game is? I'm just cautious that I might be spending 15 bucks on 2 hours of fun here. It looks pretty sweet, but I'm strangely pessimistic about this one... usually I JUMP on isometric dungeon crawlers. Maybe I'm getting old *shudders*
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