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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
Red Dead is fucking boring. The fundamental game design is the exact same game I've been playing since GTA 3.
"GTA in ______" is not a pejorative to me. I would love if they did a GTA Noire and I would play through it. Or GTA Medieval, or any GTA.

Plus they added Dead Eye, which was awesome. Except Level 2 Dead Eye, which I didn't know when it "upgraded" from lvl 1 to lvl 2. I'd go to save some dude getting attacked and would end up targeting the bad guys like 4 times each, their horses, my own horse, the dude I'm supposed to be saving, his wife, some animal running by, some kid in the background. Kill everybody and lose honor.

I could also do with less ranching, but at least that was mitigated by the NPCs finally driving from time to time, unlike in GTA 3/4.

Oh, and a final pet peeve is I hope the next GTA game will have a less linear story. For example, at some point I'm supposed to buy a mexican whore to save her, or leave. I shoot the guy so I can get the whore for free. I fail the mission because I killed her pimp? Why can't I be her pimp now and whore her out for my own profits and not have to pay for her? Then I finally pay for her, and she's like "thanks, I'm gonna go stay at a church now, bye" What the hell? Didn't I just buy her?

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