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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
"GTA in ______" is not a pejorative to me. I would love if they did a GTA Noire and I would play through it. Or GTA Medieval, or any GTA.

Plus they added Dead Eye, which was awesome. Except Level 2 Dead Eye, which I didn't know when it "upgraded" from lvl 1 to lvl 2. I'd go to save some dude getting attacked and would end up targeting the bad guys like 4 times each, their horses, my own horse, the dude I'm supposed to be saving, his wife, some animal running by, some kid in the background. Kill everybody and lose honor.

I could also do with less ranching, but at least that was mitigated by the NPCs finally driving from time to time, unlike in GTA 3/4.
My problem is all Rockstar's games have left anymore is what was in GTA 3. It completes the regression GTA IV started in shedding everything that was added over the years to GTA games and leaves me right back at GTA 3: a mediocre, boring, long-winded, soulless open world game. I loved Vice City and San Andreas for the heart, life, and fun they brought to the open world table that no one else was doing at the time. Even GTA 3, as boring as it was, was, at the time, doing something new.

There's nothing to do in that game but shoot people and listen to fuckers talk. Considering the past 5 years of game development have seen the greatest advancements in shooting people and listening to fuckers talk, Red Dead's rote combat and weak writing doesn't cut it.
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