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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
My problem is all Rockstar's games have left anymore is what was in GTA 3. It completes the regression GTA IV started in shedding everything that was added over the years to GTA games and leaves me right back at GTA 3: a mediocre, boring, long-winded, soulless open world game. I loved Vice City and San Andreas for the heart, life, and fun they brought to the open world table that no one else was doing at the time. Even GTA 3, as boring as it was, was, at the time, doing something new.

There's nothing to do in that game but shoot people and listen to fuckers talk. Considering the past 5 years of game development have seen the greatest advancements in shooting people and listening to fuckers talk, Red Dead's rote combat and weak writing doesn't cut it.
I haven't played Red Dead yet but I was also disappointed with GTA4 it took me ages to work through the missions and I still haven't finished it as it just got too boring and repetitive. I loved the variety and freedom of San Andreas and feel it was a lot more fun, thought GTA4 was a bit of a step backwards in both those areas. Even though Just Cause 2 was also repetitive I played a heap more of that than GTA4 as it was a lot more interesting and more importantly fun!

Also I loved Infamous as well and did play through first as a bad guy then a good guy, can't wait to play Infamous 2 once the price has come down a bit.
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