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Originally Posted by NZHippo View Post
I haven't played Red Dead yet but I was also disappointed with GTA4 it took me ages to work through the missions and I still haven't finished it as it just got too boring and repetitive. I loved the variety and freedom of San Andreas and feel it was a lot more fun, thought GTA4 was a bit of a step backwards in both those areas. Even though Just Cause 2 was also repetitive I played a heap more of that than GTA4 as it was a lot more interesting and more importantly fun!
I might advise not playing Red Dead then. I love the Western genre, but this game is incredibly repetitive and the writing as unpalatable.

Literally every mission is go to a place so that you can ride on your horse to another place, where you shoot 50 dudes in the face and then get dumped nowhere convenient to just starting the next mission.

GTA4 at least had different modes of transportation and buildings and more weapon variety.
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