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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
I wasn't really that bored with the story, it had some good moments. The end of that flower-picking mission and the horse guy were notable.
There are some good parts in the side missions, like those two, but the core storyline is pretty pointless and has a grinding pacing to it.

Their serious storytelling is pretty forgettable. I can recall tons of funny lines from Vice City and San Andreas, but I can barely tell you the fuck happened in GTA4 despite having played all of it.

Really all Red Dead comes down to is there were a bunch of assholes who were assholes to each other and most of them died, which is just about every previous Rockstar game, but this time there's nothing funny about it. Now I am earnestly doing the dirty work of forgettable douches who are going to off each other as soon as I've done enough busywork to artificially lengthen the playtime of the game.
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