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Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
That was my initial reaction to that movie. Maybe Keith is right about the age thing. I never thought of the lead character as brave or inspirational. I thought of him as a dummy who killed himself. But I am old and jaded.
i heard that view before, it makes sense. i think the movie made him look way more inspirational because Sean Penn directed it and hes a silly hippie who likes to shove idealism into people's throats.

thats what made me so mad about the movie. If it was done like other movies about nutjobs who go to live "like wild men", take any Herzog film, it wouldve been bearable. but Penn had to make it full of "poetic" landscapes, "moving" moments and Vedder cleaning his throat (oh so intense).... and make the guy look sympathetic.....

not a coincidence, i think, that it became a hit in european countries, where all the hipster douches, viewed as a "manbifest of a man who goes against the capitalistic ideas of the US and fights to his death".

Everytime i told thos epeople the guy was an asshole and got the death he deserved, people tell me "you dont get it". fuck you, douches. i like showers and large meals and i'll burn your forests down.
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