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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
Again, you leave out the constant coffee enemas they stick up your ass. Explain to me how that detoxifies your body. Especially considering that this treatment has left many people with bleeding bowels.

In 1990, a study done in Austria did have limited beneficial results when following a diet regimen similar to the Gerson plan, in that cancer patients lived an additional two years compared to those who did not follow the diet. When you're dying of cancer, two additional years of life is great. But they still died of cancer. Claims that this diet "reverses" or "cures" cancer are sheer bullshit. Unfortunately there currently is no cure for cancer.
I completely understand your skepticism, and my main focus isnít to persuade you to think this is only option. Iím just wanting to make a point of understanding, because any type of holistic approach to medicine is so shunned in society. Did you know the library of congress wonít even publish a book on orthomolecular treatment, like the Gerson Therapy? I know it sounds crazy giving yourself enemas, let alone putting coffee in them. But enemas naturally detox the liver. The caffeine in the diluted organic coffee speeds up the detox process. It triggers your liver to release all the toxins. There are several studies showing the benefits of coffee enemas. (and all enemas carry the risk of anal rupture if you just ďjabĒ the hose up there) The juice is then used to boost the immune system to pump out the toxins and repair the damage. What I donít think is commonly understood is that our bodies have the ability to stand up against environmental toxins as long as our immune system can defend them. We wonít get cancer if we arenít weak. We wonít be weak if we donít eat shit foods. There are definitely genetic factors that play into cancer, and there are people who fail on the Gerson Therapy, just like with chemo. But think about the overall outlook of the options. Would you prefer to spend the last few years of your life with toxic chemicals running through your veins, puking ever time you think about food, and losing your hair? This therapy is not a common practice, but it does work. - Fighting Cancer Around the World
GRO - Effects of combined dietary regime on patients with malignant tumors
Gerson Therapy U.S Office of Technology Assessment
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