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I would much prefer to see studies outside of the Gerson Institute that show the many benefits of coffee enemas. What's odd to me about the whole coffee enema thing is that the Gerson Institute claims that its diet is meant to reduce your sodium and increase your potassium, which in turn.....does something good. At any rate, both the NIH and the American Cancer Society report that the coffee enema prompts your body to release potassium. So, you eat these foods to boost your potassium which is then leeched out of your body by the coffee at the other end. What does this accomplish? Do the "toxins" ride the potassium out of your body? That makes zero sense. Sounds more like you're going to get dehydrated at the best, and seriously fuck up your electrolytes at the worst.

I can fully believe that eating whole foods and limiting processed foods is going to make you healthier. But is it some magical cure that gives your body superpowers to fight cancer? No. He started with a good idea of eating well, and then went into la-la land with a bunch of pseudo-science.

Also, when you read the diet's requirements, they are a little psychotic, IMO:
The Gerson diet is a very strict low salt, organic fruit and vegetable diet. Each day you will need to

--Drink 20 pounds (about 9 kilos) of crushed fruit and vegetables (one glass of juice hourly, 13 times each day)
--Have 3 or 4 coffee enemas and perhaps also castor oil enemas
--Take potassium and other supplements, including vitamin B12, pancreatic enzymes and thyroid supplements
3 or 4 enemas PER DAY?!? This is why people are bleeding from their bowels and getting terrible bouts of colitis with this regimen. Holy Christ.
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