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Well, you definitely lead me to some interesting reading. After reading the below linked blog post about the movie "The Beautiful Truth," someone in the comments linked to this Reuters article. Cancer rates have been declining since the 1990's. They attribute it to fewer people smoking, number one, but also improved cancer treatments.

Rate of new U.S. cancer cases drops for first time | Reuters

And here is a doctor describing that movie and its "woo" factor:

Science-Based Medicine The (Not-So-)Beautiful (Un)Truth about the Gerson protocol and cancer quackery

And finally, THIS is something that simply cannot be overlooked. People like Charlotte Gerson claim that Big Pharma and the government are blocking access to "the Truth" due to greed. But these same people charge an ungodly amount of money for their treatments, as described in this comment posted to the blog post. Charlotte Gerson is taking advantage of dying people for financial gain just as surely as Big Pharma does. This man's father is dying of pancreatic cancer:

It is traumatic to see the Gerson treatment in action. It is so blindingly obvious that it is dangerous. The five enemas per day, the juice overdose (the special juicer costs $2500 ) and the injections seem to me to be a threat to his life. One month into treatment and I estimate that he has spent at the very least $20 000 with Gerson.
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