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Borderlands is one of those games I have been meaning to try for ages but still haven't got round to it. So is it more about combat like a shooter or exploring/collecting like an RPG? Tis very cheap these days so will definately get it eventually. I think the second one is coming out next year.

I have finally got a copy of God of War Collection on PS3. Having a blast playing through the first two games again which hold up very well except for the cut scenes which still seem to running in PS2 resolution! Am excited to finally be able to play the third game once I am finished with these two.

Just an update to Red Faction Armageddon, I found a weapon called Mr Toots which is your player holding a small unicorn with its arse toward the enemy. When you fire he squeezes the unicorn and it farts beams of light and rainbows. Amazing considering this game has a fairly serious tone throughout - love finding random bonuses like this in games.
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