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Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas and I think they were terrible compared to Borderlands
Granted they are very different games, besides the general similarity in leveling up and first-person shooting. Strange thing though, I never really liked the modern Fallout games. I thought Fallout 3 was boring and a total waste of time. New Vegas was a whole lot better, but still not really an enjoyable game in my opinion. I tried to picture a character something like a mix between the Gunslinger and the Man from the Road, but no amount of suspension of disbelief could help that mess. Borderlands, on the other hand, blew me the fuck away.

On a different note... I'm close to the end of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Amazing game in virtually every way. I've been pretty disappointed with most games recently, but this is a breath of fresh air for gaming in 2010. Can't say that it rivals the first Deus Ex, but man is it good.

Go Canada!
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