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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
Brink tried less things and did what little it tried to do even worse than Borderlands, so trying to tell people that you didn't like it for any of your stated reasons is what I would categorize as a "joke".
This all started because I said Borderlands sucks single player, and I still stand by that. I admit Brink sucks single player too, so bringing that up really doesn't apply here.

Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Holy shit! I admit I bought Brink, but I also took it back after playing it once.
There's your problem. Brink was notoriously worse on consoles than for PC. For what it was (a multiplayer PC shooter that wasn't Counterstrike or Metal of Duty, with some customization and somewhat unique setting), Brink was a lot of fun.

Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Edit: Also, Brink had less storyline than doctorsleep's sex life.
See above.

To clarify my Borderlands experience, I bought it the week it came out, played it for about that entire weekend with friends who also bought it, and enjoyed it a lot. I was in grad school, so I didn't have time to play during the week, while my unemployed friends did, so they blew through all the content while I was working and didn't want to play anymore. So I was stuck playing single player, and in comparison that was so dull I just gave up after a couple of hours. Haven't touched it since.

Also, I'd be up for gaming with you fags, maybe.
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