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Well...since I revived the Borderlands fight a few pages back I just figured I'd say that I've been playing exclusively with one pal of mine and we are really liking it. We don't play without the oter person though so maybe that has a big impact on our enjoyment.....I think it would get frustrating having to re-do quests or knowing that my companions had already gone thru content that I was seeing for the first I think that A) play with others and B) play with the same people consistently....I know what weapons he has and he knows what I have so we can really be effective and I think that's what makes it fun.

I usually hate the "quest" based gameplay that Borderlands is structured around, but I think the thing that makes me like it is that the action is actually fun. I like FPS so I don't mind going out and shooting people to finish a quest (VS the WOW style of click on this guy and watch your guy attack him).
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