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Originally Posted by NZHippo View Post
People are allowed to like whatever games they want. If he liked Brink and not many other people did who gives a shit as long as he had fun. I liked Eyepet deal with it.
You didn't read what the fuck I said. I said all of those criticisms are true of Brink and more than that, so those stated reasons being why he disliked Borderlands isn't true. The implication being that there is more to evaluating the game than some cut and dry objective assessments.

I'm the person here telling the guy telling people their opinions are wrong that people like things for subjective reasons, but you wouldn't know that, seeing as how you choose not to read anything.
Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
This all started because I said Borderlands sucks single player, and I still stand by that. I admit Brink sucks single player too, so bringing that up really doesn't apply here.
Yes it does, because Borderlands singleplayer is more fun than Brink multiplayer, and Borderlands singleplayer is worse than Borderlands multiplayer.
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