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I thought Borderlands was alot of fun, multi more then single. My friends and I got it, and after one night of playing together, they never picked it up again so I finished it solo, lame seeing as it wasn't even my idea. I've actually played it alot solo, partially cause I didn't want to bother to buy a new game, and partially due to my RPG nerd need to see what each character and each build can do. Haven't played Brink or any Fallout, so I can't compare.

Playing Bastion now. Eh, pretty generic-RPG. The "adaptive narrative" or whatever they call it, where the narrator actually sorta describes what you're doing seems to be getting a lot of praise, but just seems like a gimmick to me.

And I have From Dust waiting in the wings, I've played it for about an hour. I don't understand why I keep thinking these god games will be fun, so far all I've done is "pick up dirt, set it down to make a bridge or wall." You can do the parting of the Red Sea thing tho, I guess that's kinda neat.
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