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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
You didn't read what the fuck I said. I said all of those criticisms are true of Brink and more than that, so those stated reasons being why he disliked Borderlands isn't true. The implication being that there is more to evaluating the game than some cut and dry objective assessments.

I'm the person here telling the guy telling people their opinions are wrong that people like things for subjective reasons, but you wouldn't know that, seeing as how you choose not to read anything.
I did read what you said but perhaps my feeble mind just couldn't comprehend your sparkly gems of wisdom. At the end of the day it still just seems like people want to tell others what they can and can't have fun with which is bullshit as people enjoy different things. My wife plays these weenie facebook games so dull I can't even stand watching her play for more than five minutes but she enjoys it and on the flip side she can't understand the fun of me hacking up some mythological creatures in God of War.

I guess you can argue the technical aspects of games but surely whether someone ultimately enjoys is up to the player.
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