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I saw Contagion at a screener a few days before it broke. I think it was trying to be the new Jaws. I swear, if you werent a hypochondriac before entering, you will go straight to the pharmacy and buy a bottle of Pyrell. It also plays on the theory that we're overdue for an epidemic. My wife said it was boring, I thought the actual CDC stuff was mildly interesting but overall pretty depressing. 2/5.

I been sick all week last week so I got some movies in.

Bunraku - wtf is this? I watch some weird shit but idk whats going on here. Josh Harneett, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, and Ron Perlman in a movie samurai/western set in the future? 2/5, points for celebrities, -3 for crappy plot with multiple themes. I liken it to Sky Captain

Attack the Block - entertaining brit movie about young gangster wannabees in England who fight off an impending alien invasion. I'm pretty sure someone in the US will remake this in based NYC starring some young rapper.
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