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Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
I might take offense to that. If by "the last one" you mean MW2, fuck you! If you mean Black Ops, eh. Black Ops is from Treyarch and Activision, Modern Warfare is from Infinity Ward. So, Black Ops is like the Battle of Los Angeles of the Call of Duty series. It just held us fans over until 11/8 when the time for pwning n00bz begins once again!!!! Muahahaha
Infinity Ward basically doesn't exist anymore. Every CoD game is a Treyarch game now.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is fast-paced console FPS action in a badass way, rather than in a spawn killing, unbalanced, camping sort of way.

I quit playing CoD games because staying inside buildings and ensuring that you exploited the random spawns produced better results than aggression and skill, and that's not what a fucking FPS is about.

I think the difference between the two games can be summed up like this: in Bad Company 2, when I am kicking fucking ass but my team is losing, I just kick ass all game until the screen tells me I lost. I'd rather win, but I still had fun. In MW2, when I am kicking fucking ass but my team is losing, I get a predator drone fired up my nose from some dickwipe that I killed three times already and who hasn't killed me once with his gun, but he killed eleventy billion of my asswipe teammates and now gets to kill me for free, too.

Fuck that.
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