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Well like I said, I haven't played Battlefield more than a couple times and never online. So, I can't speak to that.
But as for CoD, I love that people use all the unrealistic game exploitations. It's so much more gratifying for me when I stomp them. "Oh you wanna camp? Ok bitch, camp this tomahawk in yo face!!"
I almost never see spawn camping in CoD. With individually separate rotating spawns, it's pretty rare.
Basically everything you do in CoD can be countered by skill, and in some cases, luck.
I would say I'll check out Battlefield 3 but it comes out just a couple weeks before MW3, right? So I'll stick with what I know.
Since we're on the FPS topic, I just want to say that I had Medal of Honor, the one that came out in 2010, and it was extremely well functioning. Not as pretty as CoD or BF though
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