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Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Well like I said, I haven't played Battlefield more than a couple times and never online. So, I can't speak to that.
But as for CoD, I love that people use all the unrealistic game exploitations. It's so much more gratifying for me when I stomp them. "Oh you wanna camp? Ok bitch, camp this tomahawk in yo face!!"
I almost never see spawn camping in CoD. With individually separate rotating spawns, it's pretty rare.
I'm not talking about camping spawns, you can't do that. But you do have to be aware of where the spawns are, so that you can watch them. Because if you don't watch them, people spawn there and shoot you in the back. I can't tell you how many times in MW2 my team cleared a section of the map of entrenched enemies, only to end up watching the killcam seeing them spawn directly behind me and shoot me in the back because the maps are so fucking small randomized spawns still put enemies in my lap.

Exploiting spawns involves hiding in a corridor with two entranceways where you know there are no spawns and you cover each entrance with SPASes and have enough cover to make grenades very hard to reach you.
Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Basically everything you do in CoD can be countered by skill, and in some cases, luck.
Really? See, the FPSes I grew up with taught me that the ultimate test of skill is two people enter a map with the same weapons and they shoot at each other until one dies more than the other. Skill was never skill at hiding from predator missiles that my dickshit teammates handed to the enemy team.

Skill was never hiding in buildings because your noob ass teammates have caused the entire exterior to be an inferno of ordnance. Skill is blowing a fucking hole in the side of the wall where some pussy is hiding from tanks and explosions, force feeding his cowering ass liberal portions of your clip, then charging upstairs to knife his sniper pal.

Skill is running around in a modern weapons game with a M1 Garand and wiring buildings that look at you funny and have a nasty habit of developing campers in their windows with enough C4 to ensure nobody has anything but a pile of rubble to hide from your Garand bullets.
Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
I would say I'll check out Battlefield 3 but it comes out just a couple weeks before MW3, right? So I'll stick with what I know.
Since we're on the FPS topic, I just want to say that I had Medal of Honor, the one that came out in 2010, and it was extremely well functioning. Not as pretty as CoD or BF though
You'll play MoH but not BF? MoH was just a raped and ravaged BF. Play the real thing.
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