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Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Your logic is pretty flawed Bob. It doesn't take skill to play CoD, because you die from tings? Yet blowing holes in walls and planting explosives everywhere is totally cool?
Okay, listen to me, because saying it twice hasn't gotten to you:

SCENARIO 1: I die because my teammates sucked so bad they gave the enemy more powerful weapons than I had

SCENARIO 2: I die because I came across a dude who had the same shit as me, but was better using it

In scenario 2, I can win by being better at shooting. In scenario 1, it doesn't matter how good I am at shooting, I can still get killed by a predator drone. I cannot tell you how many times I had kills stolen from me in MW2 because some fucking guy I'd killed three times already killed me with a kill streak while I was shooting his teammate in the face.

Now unless you do the following, you are acknowledging that everything you say is wrong and all of your opinions are clownshoes: tell me how to avoid being killed by the predator drone my shit ass teammates handed the enemy, and then continue to try to tell me that doing whatever that is makes you feel like a badass.
Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Oh waaahhh you got shot in the back because all the guys in front of you are dead. It's called turning around.
I don't know what fucking games you play, but I don't think anybody should spawn 50 ft directly behind someone with a clear line of sight right after that guy just got done killing them and is in the process of ensuring there are no other dickshits in that area.
Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Basically, everything you said against Call of Duty has to do with either you dying, or someone camping.
I don't die much on CoD, and campers are free kills for me.
I didn't die much, I played with people who were really good at the game and won more than I lost. I still have a positive KDR on there. You seem to be exceedingly bad at reading.

I've never told you that I had a problem dealing with campers, I'm fucking telling you a game that encourages me to camp. It is easiest to avoid airstrikes and track spawns by camping.
Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Also, I don't understand how you avoid people spawning behind you on a game with respawn. They have to spawn somewhere, and the furthest away they can get is the opposite side from where you are. Just be alert.
For someone telling me how CoD works, you seem pretty fucking unfamiliar with the game. Maybe you should tell me how long you've been playing CoD?

Again, you have no idea what I'm saying. I'm saying the problem with CoD is that you have to be alert to the spawn locations rather than clearing an area of enemies intuitively. You have to be prepared for them to appear from thin air. It was advantageous to learn every spawn location and watch the close ones vigilantly because you had to prevent noobs from getting free kills and could scoop up free kills on people of any skill level.

The thing that I am telling you is that killstreaks, deathstreaks, small maps with tight spawns, and incentives to camp all enable anybody to get free kills. That's why CoD is the most popular FPS of all time: because anybody can experience success. Instead of Cretaceous Bob buttfucking you repeatedly with underpowered guns just to humiliate you, you can just run away from him and kill his shitty teammates until you can hide in a corner and fire a missile at him from the sky. And it's not like predator drones are hard to avoid, but it's fucking bullshit they even get that chance.

You're trying to tell me I don't like CoD because I was bad at it, but that's an assumption on your part because you can't address the legitimate design flaws I'm pointing out. I realized I fucking hated what MW2 had done to the shooter when I was sitting in a corridor with a friend in a corridor with SPASes killing anybody we saw with a single shot, while taking turns calling in air strikes (air strikes specifically chosen to stack up more air strikes, by the way). That wasn't fucking skill. That wasn't badass. That isn't fun. It feels cheap and shitty. It felt like the game was handing me kills.

In Battlefield, you deserve every kill and you deserve every death, because skill at shooting your gun and playing as a team is the beginning and the end of determining score, and is a primary dictation of success for you as a player.

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