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Thumbs up Great, interesting episode.

Originally Posted by Vampire Lizard View Post
...People who go to university and get an expensive degree in journalism can't come up with awesome questions like Chemda.
Yes! I totally agree- not even from a 'lover' standpoint. Chemda is the Bruce Lee of getting people to open up.

One of my buddies going through a rough time in her relationship recently told Chemda she was better to talk to than her therapist, who charges a buttload.

Her natural curiosity about EVERYONE really makes her a poignant interviewer but her compassion and willingness to understand each person is like therapy session. I don't know - she teaches me all the time.

Listening to this was better than watching the show, Hoarders, which can get redundant. It was like the backstage version, 'Behind the scenes and inside the head.'
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