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Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
Right, but if you're good, who the fuck cares if a noob gets the better of you every once in while? You still kick their little noob ass. And that's fun.
Again to reference what I said at the beginning, I like to run around with pistols and knives and tomahawks. It's fun to humiliate people. There's new streaks coming out on MW3. Because people like them.
Sidenote: How do you feel about MoH kill streaks? They aren't as influential.
I don't, because fuck that game.

But by comparison, I didn't have a problem with COD4's killstreaks.

Also, no. Noobs do not get to kill me unless they do it with their gun. That's how I've played every FPS and how I will ever play any FPS.
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