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This ep was fascinating and even moving. The more she revealed of her battle the more I really felt for her. I also think I didn't really realise at the time Chemda brought up her own tendencies (I'm guessing a light was shined on it when Spooky helped clear out a bunch of clutter) how truly big of a deal it was for her too. I thought it was more about disorganisation then, not about a mental and emotional attachment to essentially meaningless stuff.

Another random thing I realised this ep is that I always feel a little proud of Chemda whenever she tells of how she kicked Diet Coke. Then I realised I feel a little proud for her when she accomplishes anything - triathlons, moving to the new studio, producing KATG events, performing on stage. Maybe she's just a real easy person to root for because her joie de vivre is infectious and her vulnerability is endearing and her strength is inspiring.

I don't know, I don't want to get sappy and be confused for my buddy Junks, but I'm really liking for this new show and I think Chemda's great at it and I'm pulling for her to win at everything.
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