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I've been playing Dark Souls and it is amazing. I must say, it is more action packed than Demon's Souls, and with a more open environment opposed to the slightly more limited 'level' situation. It is beautifully rendered, but that is quickly ignored as you are hanging on to a tiny tick of your life bar trying to push past that boss that has killed you a few dozen times.

Needless to say, it is challenging. By far the most challenging game on the recent consoles. However, if you to die, it is your fault, you did something wrong that caused your death. No obscure bugs or impossible scenarios. It requires patience, a keen eye for where to go, and what to do next. But as the above poster mentioned, if you do beat that damned boss, you feel like you just climbed a mountain. If you are not patient, there is a pretty good chance you won't get past the first level.

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