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Pepper spray is included on the Scoville scale. The highest grade is four times hotter on the scale than a habanero pepper, and almost twice as hot as the ghost chili pepper.

Scoville scale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I want to see one of these idiot talking heads on Fox offer themselves up to be pepper sprayed to show everyone just how tame of a food item it is. A few of them have been dumb enough to get tased, and one blowhard radio host even submitted himself to waterboarding:

Mancow Waterboarded, Admits It's Torture | NBC Chicago

*As a sidenote, I love that the word "blastemy," has officially replaced the word "blasphemy" on this show. Makes me lol every time.
"'Wah! I'm not good enough, so I blame YOU!' - by the way, that's a baby accent." - Chemda

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