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I thought the debate between Keith and Chemda was really good. Especially from Chemda, who brought up things that people don't always think about in depth when it comes to these situations. I'm usually a fan of the "don't make it a huge deal" thought process, but I've come to learn that birthdays are a big deal to a lot of people. And I act accordingly. You don't break up with someone over it if something like that goes wrong once (that's ridiculous), but it's entirely reasonable to have a discussion to be better informed for the future. It's more about what exactly the other person wants than what you would want.

And yeah, people always get shafted if their birthdays around the holidays. My parents are born on Christmas Eve and right before New Year's, and they both get combined presents and parties all the time. It's easier for people to hit multiple birds with one stone. They didn't celebrate Christmas much when they were younger though. It's more of a big deal over here in North America.
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