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Originally Posted by bw81 View Post
After I had finished Enslaved on 360 I gave Resident Evil 5 another look. I looked for about 20 minutes and I just can not get into the controls and nothing was grabbing me. I traded in for it when it first came out and it has been sitting there ever since, has anyone played through it? I loved Res Evil 4 but that was a few years ago so not sure if its worth sitting through.

For now I am playing the free copy of Infamous on PS3 thanks to the network issues last year. It's mindless fun and I'm loving it. After that I have Batman: Arkham City and Deus Ex on PS3 to start. When I have more time for gaming I hope I can get Skyrim and have look around.

I also FINALLY started playing Portal 2 on PC. I love it so bad, not laughed this much playing a game since Monkey Island. Makes me miss PC gaming again. I built a really nice PC for photography and it runs everything silky smooth.
Enslaved, eh? I just picked that up a few weeks ago when it went on sale for $10. I've really been enjoying it so far. Not game of the year or anything like that, but entertaining nonetheless. Really like the voice acting, actually.

As for RE5, I played it through with my girlfriend and we loved it. Playing it single player wasn't as good. We eventually ended up playing it through on the hardest difficulty... was a great challenge up until one battle with an old RE friend... you'll know it when you get there. I've never wanted to destroy a game so bad haha.

I've been thinking of downloading RE4. Would you give it the thumbs up?

Go Canada!
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