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Originally Posted by bw81 View Post
Any suggestion on what to start? I'm thinking Deus Ex.
Congrats on finishing up Infamous. It was a decent game. Out of your list... I'd say I agree with Deus Ex first. Great game, and you can do whatever you want with it, it's still got a decent trade-in value.

As for me, I just finished up one of my last backlogged games! My month has looked like this:

Batman: Arkham City
Gears of War 3
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
The Witcher 2 (fucking amazing game btw)

Yes... an eclectic assortment of games, but they've been on the burner for months now. All I've got left is L.A. Noire, but I can't see myself picking that up again anytime soon.

FF XIII-2 tomorrow. Should be a good week!

Go Canada!
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