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Just listened to the segment, and I actually laughed. I agree, this is a silly video indeed. My friend Craig had just returned from England and brought me a souvenir in the form of Waitrose Digestives. My roommate wanted to see what the big deal was about so we recorded this one random night.

I remember when I first posted this, our KATG pal 36Dee corrected my technique, asserting that I should be using tea! You see, this is a serious issue.

Next time I see Cat I will absolutely put money in the palm of her hand and apologise profusely. I'm gonna leave the video up. Carry on with the funnies.

PS, in spite of me putting my foot in my mouth time and time again, I echo Allison's sentiments regarding 7 years of KATG. I've met a tremendous number of great people*— from across the globe — and The Keith and The Girl Show has been a standby during an altogether strange time in my life.

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