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What a to-do. Mac crashed AND interface blew up?? I blame Rush Limbaugh and the sun spots he summoned to smite the non-believers. A pox on you both!

The best part of saving this show was being able to hear what happens around the 35 minute mark. "He wouldn't share the cookies he didn't pay for" I like how Patrice and Chemda get wound up into overdrive over the SPF shenanigans. Comedy gold. As per usual.

And Scott - In a yoghurt cup? Really?

I'd also like to echo the comments Allison and Scott have made about the show. I cherish my new, fake internet friends met through this listening to the show and participating in forums and live events. Happy Seven Years one and all. L'Chaim!

Podcast / Audio Geek note: The show recording, made by the my new co-Best Man friend Dan Lawrence, was recovered by a brand new audio tool made by a German x-ray technician. It is truly magical and recovered an otherwise rooned file. It smooths out digital clips like no other device currently on the market. Worth every penny. Look forward to meeting you at the wedding Dan !

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