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Originally Posted by Tech007 View Post
Podcast / Audio Geek note: The show recording, made by the my new co-Best Man friend Dan Lawrence, was recovered by a brand new audio tool made by a German x-ray technician. It is truly magical and recovered an otherwise rooned file. It smooths out digital clips like no other device currently on the market. Worth every penny. Look forward to meeting you at the wedding Dan !
I'm Dan Lawrence (I go by FreydNot on the forums and twitter). Nice save, Tech! My audio was clearly distorted and Perfect DeClipper did a great job cleaning it up.

For those interested, I started auto-recording the shows back when they didn't post Friday's show until late into the weekend. I figured I could record the stream and listen at my leisure. I did that for a bit but lost interest. I turned it into an automatic process before one of the marathon shows. Unfortunately the streaming server was overloaded so my recordings didn't turn out so good (I think the slow, crappy computer I was using was also part of the problem). I finally moved it over to a server at my office which had some extra CPU power available and its been working swell ever since.

I almost always listen to the regular podcast feed for daily shows. My recordings are a backup in case they don't post an episode by the time I want to hear it or times like this where something blows up. The podcast feed is higher quality (the encode bitrate is higher and in stereo) but the live stream is usually very good. I think I am recording from the same server the KATG iPhone app tunes into.

The mic checks can be fun and I feel hearing what everyone had for breakfast really brings me closer. I'm not planning on making a compilation, but if Keith or Chemda want to orchestrate something, I have the raw materials.

I think everyone should listen to a live show at least a few times. It feels like a more personal experience since you hear all of the behind the scenes stuff.

I guess I should get a kickstarter going to raise funds for a Fuxedo and airfare from Seattle to Somerset.

[slurp]I use a virtual Ubuntu server that calls a shell script from a cron job using curl to save the stream to the hard disk[/slurp]

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