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Originally Posted by Newsy View Post
Before I listen to any more of the story, I've seen the pictures of the neck brace kid that died: Am I the only one wondering if somehow the parents are.. relieved of a burdon?

I'll never father a child so I'll never know all the blah blah, but my grandpa is like in his 70s, legs amputated after a bad accident, in and out of the hospital and barely hanging on. My mom is in a constant state of distress as a result of it. Let him go. He's circling the drain, time to stop spending resources and money on him.

These parents are gonna make out nice. A problem gone, a fat stack of cash. They'll always remember the love they had for their son, no one can take that away from them. Now their years of being good people are justified, due to the neglect of someone else.

Just sayin.
Watch for the scandal story where the parents split that fat stack with the faculty (pun not intended.)

But yes, I do agree way too many people throw their lives away to hold onto people who's time it was to go long ago. There was family that accidentally let their son drown and spent 3 years caring for a nearly lifeless body, they were able to resuscitate, night and day; until it died.

Far too often people call others heartless for saying what's all on our minds in situations like this, for fear that the memory of that person will be destroyed and a bridge to that familiarity will be lost forever, and in way they're right. But people need to start coping from the beginning, instead of living in pain to rectify a circumstance they couldn't change and punish themselves.

Just my two cents.
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