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Originally Posted by lizsquiz View Post
I think it is possible to make jokes which are disparaging towards women without crossing the line into misogynistic. Like people make gay jokes which do sort of mock gay people without being hateful and/or homophobic.
I've had this discussion with friends. Is it a sign that some group is now fully accepted in society if we can make fun of them like we would any other group without it automatically being considered offensive/ prejudiced?

Pat's "Fatty" album is really fucking great but does at times walk the misogyny line. Listening to it after hearing him on several KATG shows changes the context for me as what other people might here as a general bitterness towards women I heard as resentment towards his ex-wives.
There have been a few times on KATG where he has said something about women that was a bit more of an old school way of thinking. He did grow up when society was a lot more sexist and even if you don't believe it, some of it might come out every now and then.
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