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Originally Posted by Fourbid View Post
The way I figure, you can make a racist joke without being racist. So the same should be said for misogynistic jokes.

Are some of Pat's jokes misogynistic? Yes. Is he a misogynist? No.

Which means I voted yes on the poll. For the record.
I agree, you can be messing around with guy friends saying sexist stuff like women belong in the kitchen etc ,but it's just messing around for some humour, the convo is sexist but the people involved aren't because we're just messing around with the sexist stereotype, it's not like we would be like that in real life. I think it's the same with Pat he would mess around with being misogynist jokes at standup but in real life he's not like that, although if asked about it he would give a misogynistic answer for comical effect haha.
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