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Originally Posted by sklXbns View Post
Do you remember posting this on 19 February 2012?

"Here's a suggestion for the next episode of KatG: Do Not Include Stories of Child Molestation. Jesus Fucking Christ, people - it's gettin' creepy. Even the submission for Keith's annual who-ha involved ped-o shit!"

You starting shitting on me before I even knew you existed, idiot. .
You're overly sensitive. I said that in jest. It basically referenced your joke. You've been a prick ever since. You pissed me off. I started to rail on your submission, (then deleted it because it was just mean, and I tried to throw out the positives of your video) but then realized, "Hey, we're all KatG fans..truce." You kept attacking me. I tried not to respond, but FUCK-HEAD THAT YOU ARE, you still to this day, comment on every post I make. I'm done. I've said my peace.
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