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Originally Posted by poingjam View Post
Looks like there's a sixth event during KATG Week: The epic showdown between Enunciated Piffle and sklXbns! I'll handle camera and lights, who's on sound?
This would be awesome. Notice, I'm not saying, "Hey Joe, I'm gonna jump you - out of the blue beat your ass." I'm an adult. I want this to be as fair as can be. It would be great if both Joe and I could fight in a ring w/ gloves and have a referee. Normally, the only one with me when I drive is my dog. I'm gonna have to pick up someone in FL, NE, MO, MI, or something. I haven't been that far south in a while, but I'm sure I can find an old friend to film it. It's going to be in Joe's town. Technically, he has the advantage. If he wants to show up w/ a ton of kids and pull some shit - he certainly can. I'm putting thought and time into this, assured.
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