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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
Excellent. It's agreed then. Nothing is more satisfying than having Keith or Chemda read whatever stupid shit you write here on the forums...but breaking little Joey's face...I mean, to actually create content..well, now...what's better? See, you're a bully, Joe. You may have this delusion that your some sort of pseudo-intellectual twat that recites Bill Hicks jokes and corrects people, (repeatedly - at nauseum) about their spelling and grammar, but in reality: you are simply a bully with a nerd mask. You are an asshole. Just a mean person with nothing but a big mouth to announce how important you are - you're not. My suggestion would be to start hitting the gym.
Not to toss more shit on the fire here... but it does seem like your spelling and grammar problem has gotten some help.... shown here with your correct usage of "you're" and spelling of "grammar".

So good things came out of this debate.

Icecream for everybody!
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