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I'm not religious but my fiance's dad is a minister and we're getting married in a church so we got sent along to one of these pre-marriage courses over the last few weeks. Even though her dad is a Presbyterian minister and not Catholic apparently the Presbyterian church in NZ sends its peeps along to the Catholic course instead of organising their own. Maybe the guilt makes Catholics get their shit together better or something. At least it means we don't have to do the course with her dad officiating like Keith's dad wants to.

It's a pain in the ass in some ways but like has been talked about on KATG numerous times there are all kinds of vital questions that many, many couples don't talk about before they get married, so after going through most of it I've come to think it should be compulsory for every couple before they get married, church or not. Make sure people aren't wasting their hard-earned Benjamins on these fancy frocks and wedding gifts for a marriage that won't stick because the couple doesn't actually know each other. I know that Keith and Cat would have already talked out the important stuff and they'd pass with flying colours so he could get away with doing what a buddy of mine did, sneaking a hip flask of whiskey into proceedings to take the edge off.

By the way let me mention this: my girl's dad was a prison chaplain for decades which means he's a great future father-in-law for two reasons. 1 - he has a ton of crazy stories from all those years working in prisons, and b - when your future father-in-law is used to dealing with inmates it's not hard to seem like an acceptable guy for his daughter to bring home. I'm pretty sure a reason he's been easy on me is that he's just glad his little girl didn't shack up with one of his former clients.
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