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Originally Posted by daemon View Post
I checked his website out. Not funny. The only time it was funny was because of the crowd.
In all fairness, Jason didn't know you existed until you posted this comment. Now that he knows that you do exist, I'm sure he'll start writing material just to make you laugh. Be reasonable and give him some time to develop a few jokes though. It'll take a while for him to learn everything about you first.

...or maybe his material isn't meant just for your amusement, dummy. Maybe his comedy stylings aren't for you. Maybe.

Tell me this. What the fuck have you done that's so goddamn amazing that it exceeds and redefines any preconceived notions of timeless perfection? Let's see what original works you've created from your genius artistic mind. If you don't like something, fine. Just because YouTube has provided you with a "thumbs down" button to click when something you see doesn't please you, doesn't me you have to use it. Just simply move on. You don't have to shit all over someone's work just because it doesn't suit your refined artistic palate, fuckface.

Is fuckface one word, two words, or hyphenated? I really don't want to upset this all-knowing critic. I won't be able to cope with any harsh criticism that comes my way.
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