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During the show Lauren said to submit questions if there was anything else we wanted to know. Here are some questions:

1. Compare and contrast Keith's and Chemda's management styles.

2. When the guest come, who greets them and entertains them? What happens? Are you allowed to converse with them?

3. Outside of KATG, what are you passionate about? What are your future plans?

4. What makes Keith and Chemda really mad?

5. What makes each of them very, very happy?

6. If you were to meet someone through a KATG event to fool around with, what or who are you looking for?

7. Who's your celebrity crush?

8. What is your favorite food, drink, drug, color, animal, music, movie, book?

9. As a listener of KATG, what exactly drew you in? How did you get hooked?

10. When you finish a long day of boring work what do you do?
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